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A garage door sometimes comprises up to half of the visible exterior of a building, and can significantly affect a building’s overall aesthetic. Because this is important to many of Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service’s clients, they are increasingly taking advantage of the custom garage door design services we offer.

Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service’s experienced door designer’s focus on helping our clients choose an individualized garage door design that enhances the look of their residential or commercial property and reflects their personal style. We offer a broad choice of materials including imported wood varieties, brushed aluminum, and transparent and composite materials. We can enable our clients to create the garage door of their dreams.

Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service Milwaukee, WI 262-706-4067Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service can create custom models for you including overhead doors, swing doors, bifold and trifold doors, and bar-inspired doors. Every door designed and build in our fabrication facility comes with long-wearing components and hardware.

A garage door system that is custom built can not only be functional but also enhance the overall appearance of your home or business. Let Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service design a custom garage door for you that will be both efficient and attractive.

High-Security Locks

Because Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service recognizes the importance of a secure garage door to a residence or business, we offer a range of high-security, heavy-duty garage door locks that will stand up to the outdoor elements. These locks provide additional protection against unauthorized access to your premises.

Shutters and Security Grilles

Neighborhood Garage Door Repair Service’s selection of security grilles and heavy duty shutters provides a cost-effective, relatively lightweight security solution. They are ideal choices for retail spaces or other areas where full protection from the outdoor elements is not necessary.